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An Israeli-developed solution to urinary stress and overactive bladder

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The signs of urinary urgency are very common among men over the age of 50. There is no doubt that this is a major inconvenience and causes great distress for men. Waking up several times at night to run to the restroom to urinate, sensation of a full bladder, even after urination and always needing to be close to an available restroom, cause a serious disruption to men’s daily lives.

The symptoms of an aging prostate can appear in various ways. In some cases, it may just be discomfort, and in other cases it can become a true issue that should be addressed.

As it is such a common phenomenon, there is a need to find effective solutions that will help men cope with the problem.

One of the best ways to cope with an aging prostate naturally is with “Brizo®,” a dietary supplement based on a unique soy extract, specifically developed for men suffering from signs of frequent urination and overactive bladder due to the aging of the prostate.*

Brizo® was developed by Secure Pharmaceuticals, an Israeli biotechnological company, whose main focus is the research and development of natural solutions derived from botanical origin.

Thanks to these solutions, many enjoy beneficiary results in a natural way and without taking unnatural products.

Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, develops high-quality nutraceuticals that combine the world of science with nature, and manufacture reliable products with great efficacy and safety that meet the strictest quality control standards of production.

Brizo® should be taken twice daily, morning and evening, with or without food.

Take back the control over your life and GET BRIZO® NOW.

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