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Identifying an overactive bladder

Here are 3 signs that can indicate that you suffer from overactive bladder

1. A weak, disrupted flow:

If you run to the restroom feeling that you are about to release a large amount of urine with a strong flow, but all that comes is a weak, disrupted flow, this should definitely be a warning sign for you.

2. Increased frequency during the day and night:

You made all the right preparations before going to bed, closed your eyes, and pretty soon you feel like you just need to use the restroom AGAIN. If you find yourself needing to run to the restroom countless times during the day, and wake up several times at night to go to the restroom, and sometimes you just stand there and find yourself straining to get it out, that is a warning sign.

3. Incomplete voiding

You have just finished urinating, but you still feel like your bladder urges you to empty it further, as if you haven’t really gone…

If what you read above is familiar to you, don’t neglect it, as this has a great impact on your well-being.


Don’t suffer or panic; your overactive bladder can get back to normal. Besides going to the doctor, you can use Brizo® – a dietary supplement based on a unique soy extract that revolutionizes men’s quality of life.

By providing a fast-acting solution to frustrating urinary symptoms, Brizo® provides welcome relief throughout the day and especially at night.*

Take back the control over your life GET BRIZO® NOW.

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