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Various treatments for urinary stress and overactive bladder in men 50+ 

Urinary stress and an overactive bladder are common problems related to the prostate as men age, and most commonly start in men above the age of 50.


As men age, changes in the prostate’s size can lead to a feeling of urgency, which accompanies urination, and results in an increased frequency of restroom visits. Both days and nights become a terrible nuisance when your urinary needs control you.

How can these urinary issues be addressed?

When you start to see that you need to run to the restroom more frequently, we invite you to try Brizo®, a dietary supplement that has been shown to significantly improve the frequent need to relieve yourself during the day and, just as importantly, during the night.* The more consistently Brizo® is used, the greater the relief and the better improvement of your overall well-being.*

Brizo® is based on a unique soy extract developed by Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnological company that specializes in the development of botanical solutions providing swift results without imposing risks.


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